Over the years we have put a lot of time and energy to teenage growth. In summer of 2015, we started Summer Service Camp program and wished to continue this program because it went very well. However, On January 1 of 2017, China’s Ministry of Public Security enacted the Law on Domestic Activities of Overseas NGOs. We have submitted permit application for the Summer Camp in 2016 and 2017 but China has not had regulations for the law and nobody knows when it would be established. Many families contacted us about the program and I feel sorry that we are not able to continue it.

From our experience we feel strongly that visiting China helps our children with positive identity building. Because it is so important, I proposed to our board to use some donation and the agency raining day fund to help make it more affordable to our children and their families .

Yes our board approved this program. Here are the decisions our board have made:

1, Our agency will reimburse $1,200 for every adoptee who travels to China in 2018 and 2019. This is not an entitlement project. Let us call it a privilege. It applies to all CAWL adopttee ONCE regardless of their age; regardless how many times they have traveled to China before; regardless who they travel with if they are adults; and regardless the purpose of their China trip.

2, a, This privilege is not transferable. b, The reimbursement can be made only after the trip is finished. We request a copy of receipt, ticket and boarding pass.

3, While this proposal is for 2018 and 2019, we intend to evaluate the project at the end of year. If it runs smoothly we would like to continue it.

4, I hope to get your help to reach all families. Some families have not updated their contact information with us and our emails and letters got returned. Please help pass the word in your adoption groups.

5, Our agency no longer arranges heritage trips. We are not able to continue the summer service camp at the time being. While we do not arrange heritage trips anymore, some families who traveled to China have offered to share their experience with you! Please feel free to contact following families: Ellen Ryan through email at emryan@verizon.net; Jeannie at jdemurias@comcast.net; Mary Kay at jmkmcintyre@aol.com; Jeff at jeffhaynes@icloud.com.  There are two heritage trip programs we heard good things about. One is CCAI, an adoption agency in Denver, Colorado (http://www.ccaifamily.org/heritagetour). Another one is Lotus Travel, at info@lotustours.net. Some families do most of their trip on their own but use some agencies for guides and orphanage visit. They recommend Sun Travel (http://www.suntravelusa.net/) and Red Thread Travel (https://www.redthreadtour.org/).

6, For the families who have not finished their post placement responsibility with the Chinese government, please contact the agency as soon as you can.